Top 4 Live Dealer Casino Games You Can Play Online

You might have reservations gambling online because of the lack of interaction, so live dealer casino games might be what you need.

For some players, one of the main drawbacks of online casinos is the absence of contact or engagement between people. Though we agree that ambiance is a significant appeal of brick and mortar casinos, the development of immersive technology certainly makes up for that.

Most online casinos also have live dealer games where players can compete against a human dealer via live streaming from a remote studio. The dealer makes use of real gambling materials like cards, chips, or wheels. Some games even offer a live chat option as a social element within the game to make it a more authentic experience.

These games are usually accessible from a computer, phone, or tablet, so you can play wherever you are. If you are interested in this kind of setup, here are four live dealer casino games available online.

  • Live Blackjack

What can compare to seeing a real dealer shuffling and handing out cards? In live blackjack, you play on one of the classic seven-seat tables. Some games offer bonuses and promotions during the live session.

  • Live Roulette

With live roulette, you do not need to leave the house to have a Las Vegas experience. Most variants of roulette are available on live dealer casino games. These offer full transparency and fairness, as you can see the ball and wheel spin. American roulette has the highest house edge while the French roulette has the opposite.

  • Live Baccarat

With the live version, baccarat is no longer just for James Bond. The rules do not change with you trying to beat the dealer with a hand closest to the value of 9. Some games offer low bets with substantial payouts and even come in several variants.

  • Live Poker

Most online platforms have a variation of poker on their list of live dealer casino games. The most popular one is Texas Hold’em. Other types like three card poker, Omaha Hi-Lo, Chinese Poker, and Caribbean Stud are also accessible.

Before you join competitive poker rooms or tournaments, you can try your hand at live casino games first.

Evolution Gaming has long been considered the top software provider for live games. They have won awards for ten consecutive years for their excellent work. Some well-known titles are Lightning Roulette and Blackjack Party. Other developers are not far behind and have also come up with their versions of live dealer games.

Live dealer games require more financing for the technology and setup. Aside from the dealers, casinos have to employ other professionals for the production factor behind the scenes. Even so, more and more online casinos are willing to invest due to the high demand from players.

If you have not tried them yet, check out the live dealer casino section of your favorite gambling website and find out for yourself how exciting they can get!

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